Wavc - A basic hearing test program.

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- 2 November – First release. If someone wants to extend this work, I'll be happy to pass it on. I am not likely to provide any updates in the near future.


A basic hearing test for the win32 based PC based on FLTK GUI.

Related projects by this author: wavb – utility for test tones in wav files.


Illustration 1 Hearing Test Screenshot


The development steps for this project include:

  1. Setup of a basic hearing test.

  2. Compile to generate executables on both Linux and win32 platforms. (Only win32 so far).

  3. As a utility, it should stand by inself with no libraries or supporting files.

  4. Add more flexibility in frequency sets, maybe random generation of tones, and statistics to gain greater accuracy.

Current Limitations:

  1. Based on a 16-bit sound card which is designed to just reach the lowest levels the ear can detect, it will not measure small variances for a normal or sensitive ear. However, it is still useful for testing for significant loss, comparing one ear against another, or testing a group of people.

  2. The test tone is generated on the fly – a slow or heavily loaded PC may cause clicks which dstract from the test.

  3. I find the PC fan noise a mojor nuisance for this test.

Inspiration for the project:

This was an extension of the test tone generator. It is another tool useful for helping set up a good sound system.